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Becoming a Fitness Entrepreneur

Becoming a Fitness Entrepreneur

Peter Baboulas

Jan 12, 2023

Turn your passion into a business


Today I have a great conversation with Nsuani Baffoe.  We discuss the ins and outs of the fitness industry as it pertains to starting your own fitness business.  We also discuss common mistakes new coaches and trainers make when starting their fitness business and lastly, we discuss some great  tips, tricks &action items that can be used to mitigate such mistakes.  Stay tuned for a great conversation.

Nsuani owns and operates a gym in Toronto called Ferris 360.  He also operates a company called Revitalizing Fitness Inc which is a fitness acquisition company that owns brick and mortar spaces, digital coaching businesses & manages freelance trainers.  He is also an educator for Canfit Pro, a devoted husband and a loving father.

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