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Discovering the Truth About Nutrition

Discovering the Truth About Nutrition

Peter Baboulas

Nov 8, 2023

A deep dive into what people get so wrong with their nutrition


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another awesome episode!  This episode features guest Devya Fluckiger.  Devya is a registered nurse and a certified nutrition coach, she has worked with  numerous clients over her fitness career to improve their nutrition, relationships with food & bust some of the biggest nutrition myths out there.  She is an exert in the field and a trusted professional in the fitness industry.

Episode Timeline:

-What do people get wrong about their nutrition

-Choose the right experts 

-GP’s need to do better

-Listening to your body, what does that mean to you?

-What’s your definition of someone living on autopilot?

-Feeling “normal” might actually not be normal

-Has social media helped nutrition information?

-Why actual experts aren’t listened to 

-Don’t get into a d*ck measuring contest online

-What advice should fitness professionals give to the average gym goer walking into the gym 

-My big three takeaways for gym newbies 

Guest: Devya Fluckiger

IG: dev.devine_wellness


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