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Dogma In The Fitness Industry Part 1

Dogma In The Fitness Industry Part 1

Peter Baboulas

Jul 19, 2023

Part 1 of our 2 part conversation


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another amazing episode.  This episode is only part one of our two part conversation about dogma in the fitness industry.  In this episode I chat with the super talented Will Brenseke.  Will is a certified strength & conditioning coach, a professional personal trainer with nearly a decade of experience  and he is also a biomedical and clinical researcher at NYU Langone Long Island Hospital.  As mentioned above, this episode is all about dogma in the fitness industry, we discuss nutrition cults & diet tribes, how to acquiring good nutrition information, scientific literacy and the notion of being "evidence based".  You're not going to want to miss this conversation at all. 

 -How we met, thank the carnivore diet

-Why do coaches ascribe to dogma within the fitness industry 

-Diet tribes & anti-government sentiments

-How do we get good nutritional information and who do we look to?

-Are you sure these big agencies are the answer?

-Social media “experts” and how to spot the bullsh*t

-What if someone was successful with their diet zealotry and wants to continue 

-What does an evidence based coach mean to you?  

-Can you have a dogmatic belief in being “evidenced based”?

-How to deal with dogmatic clients who are attached to their way of doing things 

-New trainers & coaches getting into the industry, how do they become evidence based?

Guest: Will Brenseke IG: willbrenseke


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