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Dogma In The Fitness Industry Part 2

Dogma In The Fitness Industry Part 2

Peter Baboulas

Aug 2, 2023

Part 2 of our 2 part conversation


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another amazing episode.  This episode is the final part of our two part conversation about dogma in the fitness industry.  In this episode I chat with the super talented Will Brenseke.  Will is a certified strength & conditioning coach, a professional personal trainer with nearly a decade of experience  and he is also a biomedical and clinical researcher at NYU Langone Long Island Hospital.  In the final part of our conversation Will and I discuss how to spot nutrition zealotry with take away tools you can use to spot a zealot, we also discuss red flags to look for on social media and lastly we rant about our least favourite zealot in the fitness industry.  Get ready to enjoy a great conversation.-Recap, what we spoke about in part 1 of our conversation 

-Spotting nutritional zealotry 

-Vast sweeping points about a subject often have grains of truth 

-Coaching a client past their zealotry about a subject 

-Using a financial example to help clients understand fitness related topics in their proper context 

-The biggest signs of a social media zealot 

-Who is your most hated zealot in the fitness industry 

-Our Andrew Huberman rant 

Guest: Will Brenseke IG: willbrenseke


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