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From Obese to Shredded

From Obese to Shredded

Peter Baboulas

Apr 26, 2023

From over 300lbs to six-pack abs


This week I chat with the awesome Andres Vargas.  Andres tells his story about how he went from morbidly obese, weighing over 300lbs to absolutely shredded and eventually becoming a personal trainer himself!  Andres shares how difficult his life was when he was overweight as well as his thoughts and feelings during that time.  We also discuss many strategies one can use to achieve the same results Andres did.  Stay tuned for a very insightful conversation.

Andres is a certified personal trainer & is also a certified strength and conditioning coach.  Andres offers numerous coaching options including one on one online coaching, self guided training & mobility programs and an all encompassing training program called Average to Savage!  Make sure to check him out.

IG: thestrengthcave


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