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Talking Sh*t With A Side Of Fitness

Talking Sh*t With A Side Of Fitness

Peter Baboulas

Aug 16, 2023

We probably said things that we shouldn't of


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another awesome episode!  This episode features guest Angel Connelly.  Angel is a certified personal trainer and online fitness coach specializing in helping women achieve their dream bodies.  Angel has a wide range of knowledge & skills that she utilizes with her clients and this knowledge is fully on display during this podcast, get ready for a great conversation.

-How Angel and I met 

-We’re doing this, we’re talking about COVID

-Moving to Mexico

-How was it living outside of Canada 

-“The Jab”

-How to build a social media following as an online fitness coach 

-Tips & tricks to stay in shape while you’re travelling 

-Our talk about the Algarve

-My steak experience in Portugal

-Angels bikini competitions 

-The discipline of prep

Guest: Angel Connelly

IG: _angelocean


TikTok: _angelocean

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