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The Current State of Female Sports

The Current State of Female Sports

Peter Baboulas

May 11, 2023

You won't be saying "birthing people" after listening to this one


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another amazing episode.  A returning guest for this episode, Tom Bailey.  Tom is a certified personal trainer and owns his own company called TB Training, he is a Rivalus sponsored athlete and has coached hundreds of people throughout his fitness career.

On today's episode Tom and I discuss:

-What is a woman

-Riley Gaines speaks out and is attacked by a Left wing activist mob

-Transgender woman Lia Thomas competing against women and winning their titles

-Biological and innate difference between men and women

-Tom's experience playing basketball against grade 12 girls in high school

-Serena Williams talking about the differences between men and women's tennis

-People largely agree with us but why doesn't anyone speak out

-Female washrooms & change rooms, altering society, catering to the 1%

-How do we solve this and protect women's sports

Guest: Tom Bailey

IG: iamtombailey

TikTok: iamtombailey

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