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The Inside Scoop on Athletic Therapy and Injury Prevention

The Inside Scoop on Athletic Therapy and Injury Prevention

Peter Baboulas

Nov 22, 2023

Get back to training the proper way, injury free


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another amazing episode.  This episode features guest Cassidy Surk.  Cassidy is a Strength & Conditioning coach at Paragenix Systems, an assistant general manger at Goodlife Fitness and a recent graduate of Bachelors of Athletic Therapy.  Cassidy is also a fellow member of the Canadian Forces, she has a wealth of knowledge across multiple fields and it shows during our awesome conversation, enjoy the discussion.

Episode Timeline:

-What is “athletic therapy” 

-What are the specific modalities that the field of athletic therapy uses

-The differences between strength training and rehab 

-Do some “injury prevention therapists” go too far and over complicate things?

-As fitness professionals, how do you we get out of the “everything has to be perfect” mindset 

-High level athletes aren’t perfect, even Russell Westbrook

-What does the average gym goer get wrong about their training?

-Training flows from season to season are very real


Cassidy Surk IG: cassas_

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