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The Rebel Gym Owner & MMA Warrior

The Rebel Gym Owner & MMA Warrior

Peter Baboulas

Feb 14, 2024

It's crazy to think this conversation needed to happen


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another awesome episode.  This episode features guest Matt Rusniak, Matt is a professional MMA fighter and gym owner in Montreal, Quebec Canada.  During the pandemic Matt defined ridiculous lockdown orders and kept his gym open.  During our discussion we discuss the details of Matt's defiance, Matt's MMA career and much more, stay tuned for a great conversation.

Episode Timeline:-How I found Matt on IG

-Matt’s underhanded CBC interview 

-Matt’s lockdown experience as a gym owner 

-Why we must keep having these conversations 

-What did Matt do after the article came out and defied lockdown orders

-What did gym members think of Matt staying open

-History repeats itself, keep having these conversations

-How did Matt begin his MMA journey and became a gym owner 

-What is it like in an MMA ring

-Crazy fight stories 

-Where you can train with Matt

Guest: Matt Rusniak

IG: mattrusniak

Gym: TriStar Gym West Island

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