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The State of The Fitness Industry With a Side of Sh*t Talk

The State of The Fitness Industry With a Side of Sh*t Talk

Peter Baboulas

Sept 20, 2023

Tom & I go deep with this one, you don't want to miss it


The 302 Fitness Podcast is back with another awesome episode!  This episode features a fan favourite guest Thomas Bailey.  Tom is a certified personal trainer with a decade of experience & owns two fitness businesses called TB Training & STRNGR U.  Tom has a wealth of knowledge that's on full display during our discussion, specifically his expertise when it comes to online coaching, the state of up and coming coaches & the state of social media based information , you definitely don't want to miss this conversation!

Episode Timeline:

-Welcome to our friendly banter 

-Our thoughts on the state of fitness & personal training 

-Tom & I disagree about the state of the fitness industry 

-Information vs coaching practices 

-The problems with online coaching 

-How Tom & I would correct the online coaching space 

-Old school bodybuilding dogma 

-We’re doing it, we’re talking about the “third rail”

-Lia Thomas & the state of female sports 

-Don’t lie, it isn’t good for society 

-It’s lockdown season, Tom & I vent about the insanity running amok

-Our mask stories 

-Tom & I moving to the Free State of Florida?!

Guest:Thomas Bailey

IG: iamtombailey


TikTok: iamtombailey

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