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Why Your Diet Failed

Why Your Diet Failed

Peter Baboulas

Aug 23, 2023

Listen to this if you don't want to become another weight regain statistic


What's up 302 Fitness Fans,

We're back with another awesome episode of The 302 Fitness Podcast.  This one is an in-depth review as to why your diet failed and why you more than likely regained all the weight back that you lost.  I elaborate on the weight regain statistics and also offer my top 3 tips that you can use to make sure you're not a weight regain statistic. 

If you're enjoying The 302 Fitness Podcast be sure to drop me a 5 star review and share this podcast with at least one friend, it would be beyond appreciated.  Enjoy the podcast.

Article Mentioned: The Dangers of Yo-yo Dieting

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