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Hammer Your Mind

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Your Life Sucks

It’s raining outside, you had a terrible day at the job you hate and to top things off, you just found out that your post vacation Visa is due. Boy, does your life suck, to which I say. Tough shit. How’s that for your “Monday pick-me-up”, no one cares about your perceived misery or unfortunate situation. Accepting this is a sobering lesson that once learned, allows you to begin moving about daily life building character and mental fortitude instead of longing for pity and self degradation. The truth is, people love embracing victimhood within their situation, victimhood breeds interactions with society and loved ones filled with remorse, comfort and special treatment, constant longing for such interaction leads to a quitting mindset with situations you’d otherwise persevere and thrive.

What A Time To Be Alive

If you’re reading this and living in North America or First World nation, say a thank-you prayer, you are one of the luckiest humans on the planet. Further, unless you’re a time traveller, proceed to utter another thank-you prayer, as you are living during the best time period in human history thus far. Everything we could ever ask for is given to us and in plentiful amounts, warm houses in the winter and cool houses in the summer, food literally at our fingertips and extreme societal safety is afforded to us within our daily lives. Truly, as a citizen of a First World nation you have nothing to complain about, 98% of the Earth’s population would sacrifice absolutely anything and everything to switch places with you, if even just for a segmented amount of time.

Hammer Your Mind

Modern First World living is ripe with comfort, too much comfort, you can’t expect to develop a mind that is impervious to hardships, obstacles and quitting by living in comfort 24/7. You must hammer your mind and develop discipline, mental scar tissue of which to support an iron will. Like anything, this mental scar tissue needs to be manifested, honed and progressed, this can be done by completing daily challenges, now, the word “challenge” is enough to instil anxiety and fear within some people, avoid thinking in gargantuan absolutes such as quitting your job or major life changing decisions, instead think attainable daily wins.

Cold weather? Instead of cowering away and adding layers of comfort for your sub ten minutes of cold exposure, accept the fact it’s going to be uncomfortable and semi-painful; there is a time and place for being “bundled up”, long durations of cold exposure, underlying medical conditions, the elderly or the very young. Bundling up for every single second of cold exposure is not one of those moments.

Like most, I enjoy a hot shower at the end of the day, instead crank the dial to cold and stand there, even for ten seconds, other than the alleged health benefits of cold water stimulation, it’s a way to further absorb an uncomfortable experience and hone your mental scar tissue.

Didn’t sleep well, maybe the kids kept you up or you were too emotionally attached to a This Is Us episode? Whatever the case, you know the following day is going to be exceptionally tiresome and lethargic. Instead of a mid-day nap or calling in sick from work, get out and do something physical. Throw on a weighted knapsack and go for a walk, go for a run, Google a ten minute home workout, do something outside your comfort zone and get accustom being uncomfortable. Maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s a blazing 35 degrees Celsius, excellent opportunity to get outside become uncomfortable and hone your mental scar tissue.

Why Am I Doing This?

Trust me when I say this, during my short time on this planet I have beat the shit out of my mental scar tissue, during exceptionally difficult moments a thought always creeps into my inner dialogue “why am I doing this?”. The truth is, by suffering you discover true content and gratitude, you no longer long for constant external stimuli hunting for happiness, additionally, through suffering you manifest discipline and willpower, this discipline and willpower can be made to work in other aspects of your life. You simply can’t expect to adhere, absorb and persevere through life’s challenges by living in constant comfort. When my inner voice screams “why am I doing this?”, and it does, I have a plethora of completed uncomfortable situations to lean on, like a coach in my corner at all times.

Ending Thought

Hammer your mind, do it daily, escape your own victimhood. It’s never about the physical practice, it’s about crawling through shit and coming out clean on the other side. The more you place yourself in these situations the more combative your response and the more you escape the victimhood of your life. Embrace the suck!!

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