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Is Personal Training Worth It?


From the Oxford dictionary, worth is defined as “equivalent value to the sum or item specified”. To this I say, personal training isn’t worth the money…it far exceeds it. The character building value one gains from personal training is something I can’t put into words, the total body and mind transformations I’ve had the privilege of witnessing throughout my career still manage to make my eyes water. Yes, the obvious external changes are apparent, weight loss, muscle gain, improved strength and physical health. But the intrinsic value of what can’t be illustrated in transformation photos on Instagram is something that’s very difficult to articulate. I won’t do it justice, but I can attempt to articulate it like so. Personal training isn’t a drill sergeant howling orders and demands, it’s a person metaphorically holding another persons hand, being there for them in all ways and elevating their mind, body and soul to desired levels, it’s personal growth at the deepest level.

Like Kendrick Said, Be Humble

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! I say this with the upmost respect and humility; I wasn’t born an experienced personal trainer with a wide aggregate of knowledge and humility. I was once a VERY stubborn and egotistical young lifter who thought I could just “do it on my own” and thought I knew the secret to everything and anything health and fitness. I needed a guiding hand, I needed to be humbled and I needed to be put in my place so to speak. Having had a personal trainer of my own and having been lucky enough to have worked in a big box gym with dozens of other trainers who possessed a combined fifty plus years of experience, my humility and the breakdown of my ego came hard and fast. I understood that to be able to acknowledge and recognize your health and fitness short comings and in turn progress and achieve competence with said shortcomings you need to be humbled and in a place where you can accept information, sometimes even, information that goes staunchly against your personal views, opinions and prior understandings of a topic.

X’s and O’s

Okay now for the more obvious…Do you even know how to “fitness”? Trust me I’ve tried hard to think of another field of work or skill where the broad consensus is “I can just do it by myself”; let’s explore this in more detail. With regards to the nutrition aspect of a workout program, I’ve previously written an article titled “The Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting”, I strongly suggest you give that a read, as it lays out the short and long term repercussions of yo-yo dieting and a poorly constructed nutrition program. But what about the in gym stuff? How many reps do I do? How many sets do I do? How long do I workout for? “My back hurts, what do I do?”. All of these are reasons by themselves as to why you NEED a professional, at least for a segmented period of time. You need to be guided and to be led, constructing a well put together individualized exercise regiment is a very specialized skill; you need the requisite skill to make adjustments, constantly progress and regress different aspects of your plan and you need a third eye to keep you accountable, disciplined and on target toward your goals.

I Can’t Afford A Personal Trainer

As previously stated, I’ve had a personal trainer myself, I know exactly how large of a financial impact it can be for people and truth be said, for some people, it is truly out of their budget for the time being. This said, the overwhelming majority of people I meet whose primary objection are finances are the exact same people who buy a three dollar coffee five days a week, have multiple TV subscriptions they never use, spend hundreds of dollars a month on take-out and alcohol and who would have zero quibbles prior to spending upwards of two to three thousand dollars on a five day vacation. I am not at all saying these things aren’t of value and vastly important for some, what I’m saying is a financial objection in light of these truths can’t coexist in the same universe. Before you contemplate a potential financial issue, you have to be honest with yourself and come to the realization that it’s a “not a priority” issue.

Final Thoughts

When you walk into a BMW dealership the value of the product is a tangible object right in front of your face, the cunning designs and curves, the German crafted turbocharged V-8 engine and that fresh new car smell when you open the door. Inversely, personal training isn’t a tangible object, it's a service and the immense value it brings has to be manifested and produced over a substantial period of time, once a light is shone on these values, the true manifestation of personal training can be realized, appreciated and cherished for a lifetime.

By: Peter Baboulas

IG: babs302


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