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-Over a dozen exercises included  

-Easy to follow video, voiceover and written demonstrations

-Included exercise programming to follow


Equipment Needed 

-Green assisted pull-up band

-Set of resistance loop bands 


Supplementary Equipment Needed 

-Foam roller 


**Resistance bands of all varieties can be found on Amazon or online stores**


Whenever you use this guide be sure to use the #302fitness and tag @babs302



-This is an epub file so you will need to download a free epub reader to use the guide.  Apple Books, EPUB Reader and Lithium EPUB Reader for example.

-Due to the nature of this product there are no refunds or exchanges 

-Sharing or selling this product is prohibited and illegal

-There is a very small degree of risk when participating in physical exercise, be aware that you incur any and all associated risks when performing the exercises/mobilizations in this e-book.  

Upper Extremity Mobility Guide

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