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In my over eight years as a certified Personal Trainer I have coached a variety of people, successfully and sustainably aiding in fat loss, muscle gain and mobility issues. I have donated my time and life’s work to the assistance and production of others. Coaching people to reach their true potential and becoming a positive influence within their lives is the greatest joy I have. At 302 Fitness, it is our mission statement to ensure that you sustainably reach your fullest and greatest health & fitness potential.



CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist 

Precision Nutrition Level One

Mobility WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist

DTS Fascial Mobility Therapist

DTS Kettlebell Fundamentals 

DTS Advance Kettlebell

DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals 

DTS Lean Body Coach

Pre-Script The Barbell Course 

Poliquin Group Designing Relative Strength Programs 

Poliquin Group Designing Explosives Strength Using Plyometrics 

Exercise Therapy Association 

Resistance Training Specialist Lower Extremity 

Pre-Script Programming

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